Getting started: 7 useful AirPods tips in a row

Have you just bought or received a set of AirPods? Then with the help of these seven tips, we’ll help you get the most out of Apple’s wireless earphones or headphones. For example, we explain how you can connect, adjust and use the AirPods tips.

The ideal start guide to get started right away with one of the AirPods. Check out the differences between the AirPods 2nd generation and the AirPods Pro or some interesting details about the AirPods Max.

1: Pair AirPods with an iPhone or iPad

  • Turn on Bluetooth (Settings ▸ Bluetooth)
  • Unlock your iDevice
  • Open the case of the AirPods (Pro) or remove the Max from the case
  • Keep it next to your iDevice
  • A pop-up window will automatically appear
  • Tap the option ‘Connect’ and then ‘Done’

best airpods tips

The AirPods are now connected to your iDevice. You can find detailed information about connecting the AirPods in this manual.

2: View the battery status of the AirPods

Once the AirPods are connected to an iPhone or iPad you can view the status of the Pods via the control panel, you can do this by tapping the triangle with the circles in the music panel. You can also consult the battery status via the battery widget or by opening the charging case via a special pop-up window.airpods battery level

You can also check the battery status of the AirPods on the Mac. Remove the AirPods from the charging case and click Bluetooth in the control panel from macOS Big Sur. Are you still running macOS Catalina or older? Then click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and then on the AirPods. A connection is immediately established and you see an indication for the battery. If you do not see a Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, you must activate it via  ▸ System Preferences ▸ Bluetooth ink tick the option ‘Show Bluetooth in menu bar’ at the bottom.

3: Check the fit of your AirPods Pro

A good fit is crucial in order to fully enjoy the AirPods Pro. If the ear tips are too loose in the ear, this will result in a less good sound experience. With the help of the trick below, you can check whether the fit is correct and whether the ear canal is properly closed.

  • Pair the AirPods with an iPhone or iPad
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Open ‘Bluetooth’ and connect to the Pods
  • Tap the I button next to the AirPods
  • Choose Fit Test
  • Read the information and follow the steps

fit test airpods pro

4: Charging AirPods

The battery of one AirPods or AirPods Pro lasts about 4.5 to 5 hours. Please note, this is only when listening to music, if you use the pods to make calls, the battery life is shorter. Thanks to the charging case, which also contains a battery, you can boost the listening time to 24 hours. When you charge the AirPods for 15 minutes in the case, you can listen to music for 3 hours afterward.

The AirPods Max has a better battery life of 20 hours of listening, no matter which functions you use. 5 minutes of charging is good for 1.5 hours of listening to music.

You can charge the battery of the charging case or the AirPods Max by connecting it with the lightning cable and, for example, your iPhone adapter or via USB to a computer.airpods

Those in possession of the second-generation AirPods with wireless charging case or the AirPods Pro can also charge the case via a Qi charger. You can leave the AirPods in the case while charging, so they will be fully charged immediately. The earphones and case are fully charged after an hour.

5: Personalize AirPods

The AirPods are packed with smart techniques, such as ear detection and Siri. On the first and second-generation Pods, you can double-tap to play the next song or activate Siri. However, you can also personalize this.tapping-airpods

To do this, connect to your AirPods and open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone or iPad. Navigate to ‘Bluetooth’, tap the I button next to your AirPods and scroll to the option ‘double-tap AirPod’. Then select the desired option for both the left and right Pod.

6: Using noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are equipped with active noise cancellation, so you can hear all the details in the music without being disturbed by ambient noise. Thanks to the transparency mode you can just hear all external sounds so that you can also listen to music in traffic, for example.

Press and hold the pressure sensor located at the bottom of the pod’s bar or press the button on the AirPods Max to toggle between active noise cancellation and transparency mode. You will then hear a click to indicate that the mode is being switched.noise canceling off

If you have paired the Pro or Max with an iPhone or iPad, you can also use the control panel to switch modes or to switch it off completely. To do this, open the control panel ▸ press and hold the volume switch ▸ Select the desired option.

7: Share audio with multiple users

If you and your friends or family members have a set of AirPods or supporting headphones, you can easily connect them to one and the same iPhone or iPad following the steps below.

  • Already pair an AirPods or supporting headphones
  • Open the control panel
  • In the music panel, tap the triangle icon with waves
  • Choose ‘Share audio’ at ‘ Headphones’
  • Now turn on the second pair of AirPods, headphones or earphones
  • Complete the pairing

Share audio with multiple users

Once pairing is complete, you can both listen to the same music or watch the video. The audio is forwarded to both headphones without delay. Note that you can pair up to two headphones via audio sharing.

Even more AirPods tips

With the help of the above tips, you can immediately get started with Apple’s wireless earphones, but that’s not all. On our website, you will find dozens of AirPods tips to get the most out of your AirPods. Below is a short selection:

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