Summary of the international AirPods Max 24-hour reviews

Earlier this week, Apple released its first premium headphones under the name AirPods Max. The product seems to be popular, some copies will not be available again until March 2021. The first copies will be delivered next week, but some websites and YouTube stars have already received a copy at home. AirPods Max 24-Hour Reviews.

What follows are some interesting videos and a lot of first impressions. Is AirPods Max’s remarkable design appealing? Are the headphones comfortable? And what do noise reduction and sound like? These are all questions that are answered in the summary below.

AirPods Max 24-Hour Reviews

We perused the 24-hour reviews from The Verge, CNN and TechCrunch. We also looked at the hands-on experiences of iJustine, UrAvgConsumer and MKBHD to get a good first impression of the AirPods Max. Below is a general impression based on these assessments.

General impression

According to various media, the AirPods Max is a special and solid product, but the price is still under discussion. The Verge believes that Apple has a lot to prove with such a high price, is the Max good enough?

The design has a modern / retro look and everything feels solid and sturdy. The woven mesh fabrics feel soft and give the Max a unique look. The aluminum ear cups are attached to the headband by means of a stainless steel frame. The extension system to make the Max bigger feels sturdy, provides the necessary resistance and is better than the (plastic) click system of other brands.AirPods Max colors

In addition to the price, the name was also criticized, why AirPods? The choice is not very strange because Apple uses ‘Pod’ in all its music accessories, but why not HeadPod? iJustine thinks it knows why AirPods are a great name. When you put the Max on your head you hardly feel any pressure.

This is due to the design of the headband where it is not the frame that rests on your head, but the taut and soft woven mesh fabric. It looks like air is putting on your head. Despite the fact that the Air weighs 384 grams, you hardly feel it.

Fit and comfort

To ensure that the AirPods Max is comfortable, Apple has used all smart materials. For example, soft net fabric is used and acoustic memory foam in the ear cups. The reviewers are satisfied with the fit. You can easily stretch the headband and there is enough resistance to ensure that the size remains correct.

The ear cups also provide a good experience. The fact that these can move freely via a ball connection ensures that they fit well and cover the entire ear, even if you wear glasses.

Operation is a Pro

Although rumors suggested that Apple’s headphones would receive touch controls, Apple has opted for an alternative. For example, you can control the volume and music with a Digital Crown and use the button to switch between noise reduction and transparency mode.AirPods Max details

The Touch function is nice, but physical buttons are more convenient. The Digital Crown performs perfectly and gives a clicking sound when you turn it. This allows you to more accurately control the volume and operate the headphones more easily. With the help of wear detection, the music is automatically paused when you take off the headphones.

Sound quality

Almost all testers have only been able to try out their copy for a few hours. This makes it too early to give a definitive judgment on the sound quality. But in general the media are satisfied with the sound. This one is beautiful, clear and of a high standard. There is no distortion and even at a high volume the sound is crystal clear.

The wider range is audible and the active noise cancellation works great, just like the AirPods Pro . Because the ear cups fit well thanks to the fit, you can really lose yourself in the sound. The testers do note that cheaper headphones from other brands achieve the same effect, but the AirPods Max generally has excellent sound quality, which sounds full and clear.

The transparency mode is also worth mentioning, thanks to the many microphones the Max is able to let the outside sound through and it sounds significantly better than on the AirPods Pro. With the Pro model it seems as if you are on a call with the environment, this is not the case with the Max and it sounds more natural.

Smart Case

A smart case comes standard with the AirPods Max . You fold the ear cups out and put the headphones in the sleeve. Almost all testers agree. The smart case is ugly and unfortunately does not add optimal protection. For example, you have to use the headband as a handle and the case contains openings so that some parts of the Max are not protected. In addition, you cannot store the AirPods Max compactly and the size remains almost the same.

MKBHD is disappointed in the case, not only is the design strange, you also have to use it. The AirPods Max does not have an on / off button. Only when you put them in the case, the headphones are placed in a power-saving mode. So you are more or less obliged to use the case when you put the Max away.

High price

The AirPods Max is priced at € 629, which is a lot of money for headphones. Is the Max worth this? Opinions are divided on this. Although the design radiates luxury and the sound quality is top, the price remains on the high side. If you purchase the AirPods Max, you will certainly buy a good product with top performance, but you should have expected a little more for this price.

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