AirPods Max details: Removable ear pads but no charger

Also suitable for non-Apple devices, stereo and fast charging. Apple’s highly anticipated premium headphones have finally been released. With the AirPods Max , Apple is trying to introduce a new standard for headphones, but what about the details?

The Max is packed with high-tech components, smart software and is designed with comfort in mind. Many functions that are present in the AirPods Pro can also be found in the AirPods Max, but can you also use it with a stereo system, third-party devices and are the earpads interchangeable? We list some interesting facts about the headphones.


  • AirPods Max in short
  • AirPods Max, some interesting details
  •  Removable magnetic ear cushion
  •  Charger not included
  •  Suitable for a stereo
  •  Can also be used with Bluetooth devices
  •  Fast charging for ultimate battery life
  •  U1 chip is missing

AirPods Max in short

The AirPods Max has a typical Apple design, large ear cups and a specially developed headband that is designed to fit perfectly. The earpads are made of acoustic memory foam and finished with mesh. The ear cups are connected to the stainless steel headband and can move freely to conform to the user’s head.

The specially developed speaker driver provides a wide frequency range so that, according to Apple, you hear the full range of details for every sound. The support for active noise cancellation, transparency mode, Adaptive EQ and spatial audio is also provided. With the Digital Crown, you can adjust the volume very specifically and with the push button, you can switch between noise reduction and transparency mode.

AirPods Max, some interesting details

Below is an overview of some noteworthy details and facts about Apple’s premium headphones.

Removable magnetic ear cushion

The earpads of the AirPods Max are magnetic and interchangeable. Handy to clean them, but this also means that you can easily purchase a new set and attach it to the Max. Individual AirPods Max earpads will soon be available in the (online) Apple Store for € 79 and available in the colors silver, black, green, sky blue, and red.

Charger not included

When you purchase the AirPods Max, you also receive a Smart Case and a USB-C to Lightning cable for charging in addition to the headphones. The adapter is missing in the package. From an environmental point of view, these are no longer supplied as standard by Apple. Of course, you can use your current iPhone or iPad adapter or purchase the USB-C power adapter of 20W.

Suitable for a stereo

Do you have a great stereo system at home, but without Bluetooth? Then you can still use the AirPods Max. Using the Lightning-to-mini-jack audio cable, you can connect the headphones to your stereo. Please note, the cable is not supplied with the Max as standard and can be purchased in the (online) Apple Store for € 39 in black and white.AirPods max featured

Can also be used with Bluetooth devices

The AirPods Max uses Bluetooth 5.0, so you can also pair them with non-Apple devices. Think of your game console, Windows laptop, or TV. You have to take into account that some functions do not work, such as spatial audio, automatic switching/pairing, audio sharing, etc. You can manually pair the AirPods Max via the Bluetooth settings on your device.

Fast charging for ultimate battery life

You need to charge the AirPods Max using a Lightning cable. A fully charged battery provides a battery life of 20 hours, even when using active noise cancellation. Is the battery (almost) empty? You can listen for 1.5 hours after only 5 minutes of charging. As soon as you store AirPods Max in the included Smart Case, it automatically switches to an ultra-energy-efficient mode that saves the battery.AirPods Max colors

U1 chip is missing

Although both ear cups feature an H1 headphone chip, the AirPods Max lacks ultra-wideband functionality. On the specifications page, nothing can be found about a possible U1 chip. So it seems the Max does not support UWB. That is a pity, given that Apple may want to use this in the future to find lost items via the Find My app. If there is no UWB (U1) support in the AirPods Max then this is a missed opportunity.

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