Replace AirPods Max ear pads and purchase new ones

The AirPods Max has ear cushions made of high-quality materials including memory foam and mesh. As with any headphones, the ear pads are the first to wear out. Fortunately, you can easily replace the cushions and buy new ones.

The earpads are made of acoustic memory foam that has been specially developed to isolate sound. Apple has opted for mesh for the finish, but the printing capacity may decrease over time. Changing and replacing the ear pads is a piece of cake.

Order new AirPods Max ear pads

You can easily order a new set of AirPods Max ear pads on the Apple website . For € 79 you get two copies (left and right) in the desired color. You can immediately be creative, because it is not necessary to buy a matching color. This way you can make great combinations such as blue cushions in a black Max.

Ear pads from other manufacturers

For the time being, no ear pads for the AirPods Max are available from other manufacturers. But it is likely that other brands will also market a set made from other materials. Think of cushions made of leather, which would certainly not look out of place with the retro design of the Max.

AirPods Max ear pads replaced

One of the smartest additions to the AirPods Max is the cushions, as they are easy to replace because they are magnetically attached to the ear cups. You can simply pull the cushions out of the shell and place a new set. On the inside of the pillows you see an L and R woven. It is important that you attach the pillow to the correct shell. You will also find the L and R on the inside of the ear cup on the side.

AppleCare + for AirPods Max

If you take out AppleCare + on your AirPods , you may be able to have the ear cushion replaced by Apple for free. When the cushions need to be replaced, you can always consult Apple and rely on the Care + warranty. Whether the cushions are replaced for free depends on the willingness of the employee, because the conditions do not contain anything about free replacement of AirPods Max ear cushions for AppleCare + owners.

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