Apple Arcade Suggestion: SpongeBob Patty Pursuit is suitable for the whole family

Apple Arcade now has a nice database with unique games for young and old. We regularly publish suggestions for games that are worthwhile. Today we’re reviewing SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit, a game for all the family.

There are problems in Bikini Bottom! Evil “genius” Sheldon J. Plankton has once again forged a plan to steal the secret crab burger recipe. It’s up to you to help SpongeBob get back the recipe and outsmart the Bikini Bottom villains. Patty Pursuit is a wonderful game in the style of Super Mario and loved by young and old.


  • SpongeBob Patty Pursuit – Fast Facts
  • Story SpongeBob Patty Pursuit
  • Sideways adventure with all friends
  • Dive into a special world
  • Apple Arcade: SpongeBob Patty Pursuit conclusion
  • SpongeBob Patty Pursuit – Fast Facts

Story SpongeBob Patty Pursuit

Oh no, there are problems in Bikini Bottom! Evil “genius” Sheldon J. Plankton has once again forged a plan to steal the secret crab burger recipe. We know Plankton from the movies and series and always plays an important role in the adventures of Spongebob. After all these years, he is still out to get his hands on the crab burger recipe and badly enough he succeeded.

This time, Sheldon J. Plankton has brought in his army of villain relatives to get all of SpongeBob’s friends so that nothing gets in his way. It’s up to you to free the residents of Bikini Bottom, defeat Plankton and get the recipe back in your hands.

Sideways adventure with all friends

Play as SpongeBob in his most side-scrolling adventure yet. In a Super Mario-like way you explore the playing field and collect coins and spatulas. Spongebob has the necessary skills to destroy obstacles and maneuver over various obstacles.

One thing is for sure, Spongebob cannot do it alone and needs help from Bikini Bottom’s most famous residents. For example, the levels are not only played by the yellow sponge, but together with a friend.

Squidward, Patrick, Sandy, Gerrit, Mister Krab, they can all help SpongeBob clear the way by destroying specific obtacles. This allows you to get hold of hidden treasures and spatulas, something that would never work without their help.

Dive into a special world

Immerse yourself in the universe of SpongeBob. Explore your favorite locations, from Bikini Bottom to Glove World, the Measuring Bucket to the Flying Dutchman’s ship. During your trip you will encounter all kinds of obstacles. Jump on trampolines, avoid the stinging jellyfish and slide down cables and ropes in an epic adventure. Free captive allies so they can help you defeat Plankton and the other villains.

Transformers turn SpongeBob into all kinds of wacky shapes so you can beat the strangest obstacles. Solve the puzzles and reveal the secrets of each level. At the end of each location, you’ll come face to face with some of the underwater world’s most dangerous villains, such as Plankton and the King of Jellyfish. Outsmart the bosses and use their own weapons against them to get the crab burger recipe back.

Apple Arcade: SpongeBob Patty Pursuit conclusion

  • Pros and cons:
  • Beautifully designed family game with the original (English) voice actors
  • Simple gameplay reminiscent of Super Mario
  • Challenging for young and old
  • Easy to operate, with or without controller
  • Menus and texts are Dutch, unfortunately the voices are not
  • Little renewed, but nice

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit is an Arcade game for young and old. The whole family can snuggle up with the Bikini Bottom villains to get their hands on the crab burger recipe. The sideways play principle is nostalgic and easy to play. The goal of each level is clear, collect as many coins as possible and preferably all spatulas. Since some rewards can only be unlocked with SpongeBob’s friends, you will have to play live several times with other helpers. This makes it more challenging and a reason to improve a level again. The design is fantastic and of course, the game contains the necessary humor.

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