Apple Fitness +: Workout videos in combination with the Apple Watch

Along with the new Apple Watch models, Apple also announced Fitness + last fall. A new service aimed at exercise, health, and activity.

The service contains fitness videos that can be started from the Fitness app (Activity) app. Trainers around the world help you exercise with the Apple Watch. The right music will keep you motivated and you will reach your goals in no time. Apple Fitness + will be launched on December 14, but unfortunately not yet in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Apple Fitness + especially for Apple Watch

Health is important to Apple, with the Apple Watch the Cupertino company has been trying to encourage its users to exercise more for years. Apple wants to expand this even further with the help of the Fitness + service. It is good to know that Fitness + will be available in a select number of countries later this year, the Netherlands and Belgium are not yet among them.Apple Fitness +

From iOS 14, the Activity app for iPhone is called ‘Fitness’ and Apple has cleaned up the application. Via the ‘Overview’ tab you will see a summary of all your achievements, trends, and workouts and via ‘Share’ you can share your achievements with friends and family. Fitness + is added to this with videos and workouts for yoga, strength training, cycling, dancing, running, etc.

An important part of Apple’s fitness service is the link with the Workout application for the Apple Watch. Fitness + can automatically activate the Workout app and display the current results on the screen. Of course, you are not limited to the screen of your iPhone. A Fitness + app will also come to the iPad and Apple TV via a software update so that you can also start the videos via these platforms and participate in sports.

Personalize and Apple Music

At the launch of the service, there will be fitness videos for ten indoor sports and the operation is quite simple. Once you have chosen a workout you can choose a trainer and select the duration of the workout. Then you can find the right mood with rousing music from Apple Music. This way you can personalize your fitness workout and stay motivated. Moreover, Apple provides the service with new videos every week so that you get new challenges every week.Personalize and Apple Music

Price and availability

Apple Fitness + will be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States starting December 14, 2020, for $ 9.99 per month or $ 79.99 per year. New countries will be added later, probably 2021. As soon as someone in the family has taken out a subscription, all other family members can use it.

Apple One’s premium subscription also gives immediate access to the service. An Apple Music subscription is not required, the music is simply played during a workout, but cannot be listened to afterward.

To be able to use the service at all, you must have an Apple Watch Series 3 or newer. Every Apple Watch owner with a suitable watch gets one-month of free access to Fitness +, if you buy an Apple Watch after September 15, 2020, you get three months of free access (offer limited).

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