Apple is investigating the possibilities of a ‘folded camera’ in the future iPhone

Apple wants to improve the zoom function of the iPhone camera without making the camera bump thicker. How do they do that? In any case, the answer seems to lie in the world of folded cameras.

‘Apple wants to process folded camera in iPhone’

The limited dimensions of smartphones make it difficult to drastically improve camera quality. Some features, such as better zoom, simply require more space than is currently possible.

According to ETNews, Apple, therefore, wants to incorporate a triple camera system in future iPhone models. At least one of these three cameras is equipped with a folded folded iPhone camera

This is what the camera of the iPhone 12 Pro Max looks like.

That is how it works

A folded camera structure uses a mirror or prism in the center of the lens. This is in contrast to ‘normal’ cameras that only work with a lens. The addition of a mirror in the center of the lens reflects the light at an angle of ninety degrees, resulting in a changed viewing angle of the sensor.

A camera can therefore take advantage of the length and width of the device. Instead of cramming everything into the thickness of the camera bump, Apple can also use the surface.For example, Samsung processes the 'folded camera' in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

For example, Samsung processes the ‘folded camera’ in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung already zooms in with a folded camera, now Apple

The concept of a folded camera has already been applied by Samsung in the Galaxy S20 Ultra. So it seems that Apple has to look over Samsung’s shoulder to apply the technique. Perhaps with closer cooperation or with more competition as a result.

Can we expect a folded camera in the iPhone 13? Probably not. The usually reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to be able to apply the technique only in 2022.

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First rumors iPhone 13

So we still have to wait for that folded camera. Fortunately, in the meantime, we can look forward to the arrival of the iPhone 13. Not much is known yet, but some insiders have already shared some details.

For example, the next iPhone may be equipped with a fingerprint scanner under the screen and the device may have a smaller notch than its predecessor, the iPhone 12.

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