Listen to music and radio via CarPlay

Listening to music via CarPlay is very easy. Not only can you play your personal music library, but also Apple Music and radio. You can even access the ‘Listen Now’ and ‘Discover’ tabs directly from your car’s entertainment system.

The Music app for CarPlay gives you a lot of freedom and gives the user access to all the possibilities that can also be found in the iPhone app. Playlists, albums, radio stations or shuffle through all your songs? It is possible through the Music app for CarPlay.

Listen to music via CarPlay

The most used tab in the Music app will undoubtedly be ‘Library’, with which you can quickly consult your personal (iCloud) music library and play songs. Via the tab you have access to all albums, artists, playlists and songs.

Playing music

As soon as you play music, the ‘current screen’ appears and you will see the media buttons to control the playback. This way you can quickly pause the song, play next, etc.

By tapping on the three dots it is possible to add a song to your library, mark it as a favorite (heart) or create a station with similar music.

While playing music, you can of course also shuffle the song (once) , play endless music (Apple Music only) and consult your next list. You can do the latter by tapping on ‘Follow hereafter’ at the top.

Listen to the radio through Music

Thanks to the support of TuneIn , you can also listen to the radio via the Music app. Not only the radio stations of Apple, but also local stations such as NPO Radio 2, Q-Music, 538, etc. Via the tab ‘Radio’ you can play recently played stations directly. Is your local channel not listed? Then it is best to search for it using Siri or play it on your iPhone via the Music app before departure. You can read in detail how to play local radio stations via Music in the article below.

Discover new music

The music app for CarPlay also includes the ‘Listen now’ and ‘Discover’ tabs, this way you as an Apple Music user can discover new music directly from your car’s entertainment system.

Useful for discovering new playlists, artists or albums. You can also directly consult your recently played music via the Listen now tab. Ideal, because this way you immediately start your music as soon as you get in the car.

Music on the dashboard

You can also use the Dashboard while using CarPlay. This is a page with three widgets that give you additional information. This way you can see the map (possibly with route), music buttons and smart Siri suggestions at a glance. This way you can directly control your music and also keep an eye on the map. During navigation you will see route directions instead of Siri suggestions.

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