Apple adjusts trade-in prices: especially MacBooks yield less

Apple has quietly adjusted the prices of its trade-in program. Especially MacBooks and iMacs yield less than before. The trade-in prices of iPhones have remained the same. In this article, we list the biggest risers and fallers.

Apple Adjusts Trade In Program Trade In Prices

The changes were first noticed by international media, but Apple has also tinkered with the Trade In program in the Netherlands. With this program you can return your old copy and get a discount when you buy a new Apple device.

In the tables below we have compared the old and new trade-in prices in euros per product category. This concerns the maximum trade-in amounts: as a rule, an older model yields less than a more recent one. Defects and the external condition also influence the trade-in price. The old trade-in prices have been requested via Wayback Machine.MacBook and iMac

MacBook and iMac

The trade-in prices for MacBooks in particular have changed considerably. The price difference with the old situation can amount to tens of euros. For example, a MacBook Pro now yields up to EUR 60 less than before. You also get a lot less for an iMac Pro.

On the other hand, the maximum price for a MacBook Air has been increased by 50 euros. This may be related to the introduction of the new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. These Apple computers are the first to be equipped with an M1 chip, instead of Intel technology.

Product Old trade-in price New trade-in price
MacBook Pro 870 810
MacBook Pro (with 13-inch screen) n / a 580
MacBook Air 490 540
MacBook 330 310
iMac Pro 1050 1020
iMac 630 640
Mac Pro 370 1400
Mac mini 430 430


iPadPrices for the iPad have changed less sharply. The iPad Pro does deliver you a maximum of two tens less than before. On the other hand, handing in an iPad, the entry-level model, has become more lucrative. This is probably because the latter was recently renewed, while the iPad Pro got a successor earlier this year.

Product Old trade-in price New trade-in price
iPad Pro 440 420
iPad 160 185
iPad Air 215 210
iPad mini 220 220

Apple Watch

If we look at the Apple Watch, it becomes especially clear that Apple pays less for older watches. The Apple Watch Series 2 (from 2016) and Series 3 (from 2017) yield 20 and 30 euros less respectively than before. The price changes for the Series 4 and Series 5 are less drastic.

Product Old trade-in price New trade-in price
Apple Watch Series 5 180 170
Apple Watch Series 4 130 125
Apple Watch Series 3 105 75
Apple Watch Series 2 60 40

What to do with your old phone?

The Apple Trade In program allows you to trade in your old device when purchasing an Apple product. You can also offer products from other brands, such as Samsung. While this option is very easy, it does not make the most money. Selling your phone yourself will generate more money in most situations. Check out our guide with tips for selling your iPhone the best you can.

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