Change Apple Watch control panel and remove parts

With the help of the Apple Watch you can stay informed of all your notifications, you can keep an eye on everything while exercising and you can also use apps. Just like the iPhone , the Apple Watch has a control panel that you can consult from any app.

Via the Control Panel you can quickly enable or disable options such as airplane mode, do not disturb, theater mode, but also keep an eye on your battery, activate the flashlight , search for your iPhone or you can activate the water lock . You can easily move the parts in the control panel and since watchOS 7 it is also possible to remove parts.

Use Apple Watch Control Center

In old versions of watchOS, it was only possible to access the control panel from the watch face. Since watchOS 5, this can be done anywhere, including in third-party apps and apps. To do this, swipe (slowly) from the bottom of the screen (actually Apple Watch), up and the panel will open immediately. With this trick you can easily open the control panel on an Apple Watch .

Customize Apple Watch control panel

  • Open the control panel
  • Scroll down
  • Tap Edit

You can then move the shortcuts to any desired position by dragging them to the desired location. So if you often use theater mode and the water lock, you can move them higher in the panel so that you can activate them quickly.

Hide parts

Since watchOS 7 it is also possible to remove parts from the control panel. That’s nice if, for example, you never use a certain mode. To do this, activate the panel according to the steps above and tap the red minus button at the item you want to hide. You can add parts again via the green plus button.

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