Apple Watch may get a special extreme sports version

The Bloomberg business website has shared some interesting information regarding a new Apple Watch model. According to the website, Apple would like to release a special sports version with a super strong housing this year.

The watch would be intended for athletes, hikers, adventurers and outdoor athletes, but would also be very suitable for users with tough professions, such as in construction, hospitality and healthcare.

Apple Watch with an extra strong protective layer

Bloomberg doesn’t reveal many specific details yet, but the website does claim that Apple will release a ‘tough Apple Watch’ this year. The information would come from an anonymous but reliable source.

The special sports version would get an extra strong protective layer so that the watch is completely dust and waterproof. In addition, the smart watch can take a beating and can be used in extreme conditions.

Such a type of protection is also called a ‘rugged housing’. There are already several products for sale with such a protective layer, including smartphones. These models are especially popular with people with a demanding profession or sports such as construction workers, gardeners, mountain climbers, etc.

Apple Watch Explorer Edition

The extra strong watch would be known by Apple as the “Apple Watch Explorer Edition”. The business website claims that this special version will be an addition to the current range. This means that the Explorer Edition gets the same functions as the ‘standard model’ but with an extra strong housing.

According to Bloomberg, Apple designed the watch with athletes, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in mind. The Explorer Edition must therefore be able to withstand the most extreme conditions, such as heat, freezing cold, dirt, water and more.

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