Restore an Apple Watch in case of problems

You may experience problems with your Apple Watch . When you have tried different solutions, often and restore is the only solution. Restoring an Apple Watch is fairly easy and may resolve some issues.

The Apple Watch backup is kept in the backup of your iPhone . You can force this through iTunes or when using iCloud from Settings ▸ Name ▸ iCloud ▸ iCloud Backup. However, when unpairing an Apple Watch, the watch is automatically backed up.

Restore Apple Watch

  • Open the Apple Watch app
  • Navigate to the ‘My watch’ tab
  • Tap ‘All Apple Watches’
  • Tap the i button next to your watch
  • Choose ‘Unpair Apple Watch’

Follow the steps on the screen to disconnect the smart watch from your iPhone. A backup is made automatically so that no data is lost.

The Watch will now be disconnected from your iPhone. In addition, Activation Lock and Find My Watch will be disabled. Note, this can take several minutes. Once this is done you can completely erase the watch. In most cases, this happens immediately upon disconnection. If this is not the case, you can completely erase the Watch via the Settings on the Apple Watch itself. Navigate to General ▸ Reset ▸ tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Re-pair Apple Watch

When the watch has been restored and disconnected, you can pair it again with your iPhone. Turn on the Apple Watch by pressing and holding the side button, open the Watch application on your iPhone and tap ‘Start pairing’. The camera is activated, place the Apple Watch in the yellow frame. Follow the steps on the screen.

At some point you have the option to configure the Apple Watch as new, or to restore an old backup. Choose one of the two options. If the problem is not solved after you have restored an old backup, it is recommended to set the watch as new.

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