Apple Watch Series 7: All rumors and expectations at a glance

We can most likely expect the Apple Watch Series 7 in the fall . Apple’s smart watch may have a new design for the first time in three years.

In addition to a design change, we can also expect new health functions. The Series 7 may be able to measure blood sugar with an optical sensor. We have already listed the Apple Watch Series 7 rumors for you.


  • Apple Watch series 7 gets a new design
  • Measure blood sugar levels
  • Detect panic attacks
  • Touch ID for the Apple Watch
  • Camera for the smart watch?
  • Other new Apple Watch functions
  • No successor to the Apple Watch SE
  • availabilty

Apple Watch series 7 gets a new design

The Apple Watch series 4 was released in 2018 . This model was mainly characterized by a renewed and thinner design, the original sizes of 38 and 42 mm were also increased to 40 and 44 mm. In addition, the screen was rounded and had significantly smaller screen edges.

It is expected that the Apple Watch Series 7 will also get a new design. Exactly how this will look is not yet known. But the screen will probably be slightly larger again, while the dimensions of the housing remain more or less the same.

Apple may be inspired by the iPhone 12 , which could mean that the Apple Watch could get straight sides and the screen becomes less rounded.

Measure blood sugar levels

According to sources to ETNews , Apple would be busy developing an optical sensor that makes it possible to measure the blood sugar level in the blood. If this succeeds, it would be a revolutionary outcome for people with diabetes. They still have to test themselves by injecting. The Apple Watch Series 7 would make this unnecessary.

Blood sugar app concept created by 9to5mac

Apple has secured the necessary patents and would now be testing the sensor. Currently, the focus is on making the measurements reliable. The optical sensor would be incorporated in the Series 7 and, just like the saturation and heart rate monitor , lies on your skin. The sensor continuously takes measurements to monitor the blood sugar level.

Apple has been working on this technology for some time. Tim Cook has even been publicly spotted with a test device on his Apple Watch that would test this function.

Detect panic attacks

It has already been suggested that series 6 could warn you when you have a panic attack due to anxiety, palpitations and stress. Unfortunately, this feature has not been added to this model, but it may have been added to the seventh generation. The Apple Watch can register these symptoms and warn you of a possible panic attack. With the help of breathing exercises, the Apple Watch stimulates you to relax so that you regain control over your body.

Touch ID for the Apple Watch

Patently Apple has discovered a patent for the Apple Watch that describes Touch ID for the watch. Just like the iPad Air 4th generation, the fingerprint scanner is incorporated in the side button. The smart watch has had a side button since the beginning, which is only used to open the Dock , activate Apple Pay and turn off the watch .

The Verifier has spoken with anonymous sources confirming this rumor in collaboration with the YouTube channel iUpdate. According to them, Apple is currently working on two variants for the fingerprint scanner. One in the side button or Digital Crown and one where the fingerprint scanner under the screen is processed.

The addition of Touch ID would be an interesting option. You can unlock the Apple Watch with a passcode, but a fingerprint scanner works much faster of course. Confirming your identity and personal information would also be safer with Touch ID. The same is also the case for Apple Pay. Now when the Apple Watch is unlocked, it is enough to press the side button twice and hold the Watch next to the payment terminal. Touch ID would make Apple Pay more secure and require you to always confirm your identity.

Camera for the smart watch?

Patently Apple had found a second panent of which unfortunately no footage has appeared, but Apple Insider has been able to view a document describing the addition of a camera to the Apple Watch. This would be located behind the screen and only be visible when used.

However small the Apple Watch is, many users like the addition of a camera. Not only for selfies, but also for video calling. In order not to mar the design of the Apple Watch, Apple has plans to incorporate a camera behind the screen instead of a notch. The tech is still in its infancy, and it’s not clear whether Apple will add this anytime soon or eventually, presumably not yet in the Series 7.

Other new Apple Watch functions

  • Faster processor
  • Longer battery life due to larger battery

No successor to the Apple Watch SE

In 2020, Apple also released an SE model in addition to the Series 6. Just like the iPhone SE , this is an improved version of an older model with today’s specifications. Most likely, the SE model will not be provided with an update yet. There is a chance that the Apple Watch Series 3 will disappear from the range and that you will soon have the choice between the SE, Series 6 and Series 7.


Apple is expected to unveil the new Apple Watch Series 7 in September 2021. Perhaps the series 7 will be sold for the same price as the current version, from € 449. Because eSIM is now also available in the Netherlands, it could just be that we can finally buy an Apple Watch with 4G functionality this year.

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