‘Apple Watch will get Touch ID button and camera behind the screen in the future’

Apple may be working on a new Apple Watch with Touch ID button and a camera behind the screen. This is evident from patents that the company has filed.

‘Touch ID and camera on future Apple Watch’

Apple has filed two new patents for the Apple Watch. With a patent, the company registers technical innovations to prevent competitors from copying them. It is a Touch ID button like the one on the iPad Air 2020 and a camera behind the screen.

Patently Apple discovered the patent for Touch ID. That would be a very useful addition to Apple’s smart watch. You can only unlock the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE with a password. Of course, Touch ID works a lot faster.

The fingerprint scanner would also make Apple Pay much more secure. At the moment, you can pay simply by holding your Apple Watch near a contactless card reader. If you first have to identify yourself with your fingerprint, the chance of fraud is much smaller.

The second patent, spotted by Apple Insider, concerns a camera for the Apple Watch. It would be behind the screen and only visible when you need it. Other companies have been working on this technique for some time. For example, ZTE recently unveiled the first smartphone with a front camera behind the screen.

Many users would probably appreciate a camera on the Apple Watch. This makes it easier than ever to take a selfie quickly. Placing the lens behind the screen seems like a wise choice. Since smart watches are so small, Apple probably doesn’t want to mar the display with a notch or hole.

Touch ID seems to be making a comeback

Whether we will really be able to buy an Apple Watch with Touch ID and camera is highly uncertain. Apple files a lot of patents but does not use them all.

Still, Touch ID certainly seems a logical step for the Apple Watch. With the iPad Air 2020, Apple has shown that it has not yet forgotten the fingerprint scanner. In addition, the Cupertino company is rumored to be working on an iPhone 13 prototype with Touch ID under the screen . This is probably an addition to Face ID. After all, as long as we all wear face masks, facial recognition is not always practical.

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