Contacts not available while driving and CarPlay

With the help of CarPlay you can easily use your iPhone in a safe way while driving. You can then operate the CarPlay screen via the entertainment system of your car, but you may have noticed that contacts are not available while driving.

If you want to call while driving, you can easily start this via CarPlay. Ask Siri to call a contact directly or use the Phone app. There you can consult your favorites, recent and missed calls. The ‘Contacts’ tab is also present, but not always available.

Consult contacts with CarPlay

If you want to call people via CarPlay, use Siri or the Phone app. Via the ‘Contacts’ tab you can consult all contacts that are also stored in the application of the same name on your iPhone.

You may have noticed that sometimes you cannot access your contacts via Carplay. A notification will then appear on the screen with the message: “Limited access to contacts while driving”.

This message will only appear when you are driving. This is for safety’s sake that you are not just searching your entire address book while driving. If you are standing still and the handbrake is on, you can consult the contacts tab.

Via the button ‘Ask Siri to call’ you can immediately start the voice assistant and ask to call a specific contact. Optionally, you can indicate which telephone number should be called when a contact has multiple numbers.

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