Friday , April 16 2021


iPhone: Change the PIN of a SIM card

Change SIM card PIN on iPhone

It seems unlikely, but a smartphone still needs a SIM card. Perhaps this will change in the future, because Apple is busy with the rollout of the eSIM , which is used in the Apple Watch and the new generation iPhone , among other things . Many novice iPhone users regularly ask us how you can change the PIN code …

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Hide iPhone configuration notification for Apple Pay

Customize message center and widgets layout

When you activate an iPad or new iPhone, you will see a number of suggestions during the installation process. One of these is setting up Apple Pay. When you use the service you can activate it immediately, but if your bank does not support the payment method, you should skip this step. Unfortunately, an iPhone configuration notification for Apple Pay will …

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iPhone: Solution for camera not working

iphone solution for not working camera

It may happen that suddenly your iPhone camera not working or keeps crashing. When opening the Camera application, the image remains black and it is not possible to take photos or videos. Not only the Camera app can cause problems, in apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceTime, etc. the camera can …

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