Friday , April 16 2021


Hide preference panels in Mac System Preferences

You can access your Mac’s settings through the system preferences in macOS. It is possible to change certain settings via various preference panels (categories). This is quite simple and will make your Mac get personal. While an administrator password is required for the most critical settings, there may be inadvertent changes to …

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iPhone: Change the PIN of a SIM card

Change SIM card PIN on iPhone

It seems unlikely, but a smartphone still needs a SIM card. Perhaps this will change in the future, because Apple is busy with the rollout of the eSIM , which is used in the Apple Watch and the new generation iPhone , among other things . Many novice iPhone users regularly ask us how you can change the PIN code …

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Listen to music and radio via CarPlay

apple music carplay radio

Listening to music via CarPlay is very easy. Not only can you play your personal music library, but also Apple Music and radio. You can even access the ‘Listen Now’ and ‘Discover’ tabs directly from your car’s entertainment system. The Music app for CarPlay gives you a lot of freedom and gives the user …

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