Install a configuration profile on an iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad are a closed system and it is almost impossible to install many extras. Still, Apple has built in a legitimate way to install functionality through profiles.

The configuration profiles are mainly used by companies and schools to provide iPhones or iPads with standard settings. Apple also uses the profiles to enable betas and support on these devices. In addition, there are several apps that use a configuration profile. For example, it is possible to install ‘themes’ on your device.

Download iOS or iPadOS configuration profile

Downloading a configuration profile depends on several factors. In most cases, you can download the profile directly from the developer’s or manufacturer’s website. Through you can download the beta profile for iOS and iPadOS.

You can also obtain a profile via Mail, Messages, AirDrop or via apps. A good example of this is the app ‘ Moloko ‘, through this application you can download iPhone and iPad themes to customize the app icons .

Install profiles on iPhone or iPad

    1. Download the configuration profile
    2. Open ‘Settings’
    3. Tap on ‘Profile Downloaded’
    4. Install the profile
    5. Follow the instructions on the screen

Don’t see the option ‘Profile downloaded’? Then go to Settings ▸ General ▸ Profile. Good to know, you can only install one profile at a time. For example, if you download a profile and don’t install it and then download a second profile, you can only install the second profile. If a profile is not installed within eight minutes of downloading, it will be automatically deleted.

Delete configuration profile

Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad and then go to General ▸ Profile. Open the profile you want to delete and tap Delete Profile. Follow the on-screen instructions to clear the configuration.

Pay attention when installing

Installing configuration profiles is not entirely without risk. It may be that certain settings on your iPhone or iPad are changed without your control. Therefore, it is good to only install profiles from reliable sources. In general, a configuration profile cannot make drastic changes, but it is always good to check its origins and goals. Therefore, only install profiles that have been checked, this can be found under ‘Signed by’ when installing the profile.

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