View virtual city tours with Flyover in Maps for iPhone, iPad and Mac

In the Maps application for iPhone , iPad and Mac you can use Flyover, a special way of discovering cities. From your easy chair you can admire the world in a special way.

With the help of the 3D maps and explanations, Flyover tours allow you to see sights and discover the main hotspots of a city. Of course you can discover the areas manually in 3D, but with the help of Flyover this is done automatically and it looks like you are doing a city tour from your own home.

Flyover tours in Maps

Apple’s Maps app lets you view all kinds of famous landmarks and major cities in the world from above. Flyover landmarks are indicated by the Flyover button on the information map of such location. In most cases, all 3D cities can be visited virtually. These are indicated in the map view by a circle with the text “3D” next to the city name. You can consult this list of all 3D cities and Flyover tours on the Apple website .

Start flyover

  1. Open the Maps app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  2. Search for a city or landmark that is supported
  3. Tap / click it in the list and open the information card
  4. Then click / tap the Flyover button
  5. Start the virtual tour via ‘Start city tour’

Immediately the virtual tour starts and you can discover the sights of this city. The various landmarks are visited in bird’s eye view and you turn around the different places. This will give you a good idea of ​​the city and surroundings.

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