Up to five months of free Apple Music through Shazam

If you don’t have a subscription to Apple Music yet and would like to try out the service, now is the time. Until January 17, 2021, you can try Apple’s music service for up to 5 months for free via the Shazam application.

With the help of Shazam you can recognize music, the app was taken over by Apple a few years ago and the technology behind the application is still being used. For example, since iOS 14.2 you can recognize music directly from the control panel via Shazam, without having installed the app. Still, it pays to download the app now because of the free trial period of Apple Music.

5 months of free Apple Music via Shazam

  • Download and open the Shazam application
  • Play a music track or turn on the radio
  • Tap the Shazam logo to start a recognition

5 months of free Apple Music via ShazamThe app will now listen to the song and once it has been recognized you can tap the option ‘play entire song’ on the results screen. Below this button, you can already see the ‘Free Apple Music’ promotion. In the following screen, you can view the action. Tap ‘Try It Free’ to accept the offer. The trial period applies to an individual subscription and not to the family variant.

Free Apple Music offer differs

Until January 17, 2021, you can get Apple Music for free through Shazam for up to five months, but the duration of the offer varies per person. This has to do with previous trial periods. For example, have you ever tried Apple Music for free for three months? Then you can only test Apple Music for free for two more months. If you’ve never used Apple Music before, you can test it for free for the full five months.Free Apple Music offer differs

By accepting the offer, you agree to the terms and conditions and a monthly subscription fee will be automatically charged at the end of the trial period. Of course, you can cancel Apple Music if you no longer want to use the service.

4 months of free Apple Music thanks to MediaMarkt

Also thanks to MediaMarkt you can get an extra month for free on Apple’s music service. To get the extra test month, it is enough to open the Apple Music page of the MediaMarkt. Then you can generate the code and click/tap the ‘Redeem’ button. Then Music or iTunes will automatically open and you can start the trial period. Belgians can open the special page here.

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