Hey, activate Siri on a Mac

Siri is Apple’s smart assistant and can be used on almost all Apple devices. Via the assistant, you can start tasks, request data, pause media, etc. Also on the Mac, you can use Hey Siri so that you can start the voice assistant without pressing a button.

Unfortunately, not all Macs support Hey Siri. For example, the Mac must be equipped with a T2 co-processor or Apple Silicon chip. You can find an overview of all Macs that support this form of Siri here. In addition, there is also a trick to activate Hey Siri on older Macs.

Hey, activate Siri on a Mac

  • Open  ▸ System Preferences
  • Navigate to ‘Siri’
  • If necessary, enable the ‘Activate question to Siri’ option
  • Then check the option ‘Listen to Hey Siri’

Then you have to follow the steps in the system preferences window. For example, you have to activate Siri by executing a number of voice commands so that Siri knows which voice belongs to you. Because of this voice recognition, only you can activate Siri, in practice, it can sometimes happen that someone else can use Siri in this way.

As soon as the steps have been completed, the option is activated and you can speak ‘Hey, Siri’ prior to a command to get the speech assistant’s attention. If you give Siri permission to iCloud, iOS and macOS will take each other into account and will only activate Siri on the device that is on or closest to it.

Activate Hey Siri on older Macs

Only Macs with a second-generation T2 co-processor or newer can control Siri using speech as described above. Nevertheless, it is also possible to control the assistant via speech via a (not entirely practical) detour on older Macs. We have explained in detail how that works in this article.

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