Hide iPhone configuration notification for Apple Pay

When you activate an iPad or new iPhone, you will see a number of suggestions during the installation process. One of these is setting up Apple Pay. When you use the service you can activate it immediately, but if your bank does not support the payment method, you should skip this step.

Unfortunately, an iPhone configuration notification for Apple Pay will remain active in the Settings app on your iPhone. Via this notification, iOS and iPadOS tries to remind you to activate Apple’s payment service. If you do not want to or cannot activate this, you can hide the notification.

Hide configuration notification Apple Pay

  • Open Settings on your iPhone
  • Tap ‘Complete iPhone Setup’
  • Select ‘Configure Apple Pay’
  • In the resulting window at the bottom choose ‘Configure later in Wallet’

This can be done in the same way on an iPad, but you choose ‘Complete iPad configuration’ and when setting up Apple Pay, choose ‘Configure later in settings’.

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