tvOS 14: Receive notifications from HomeKit doorbells on an Apple TV

The range of HomeKit doorbells is constantly increasing. You can easily view the images via the Home app and you will receive a notification as soon as the button is pressed. Not only do you get this notification on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, but since tvOS 14 you can also receive a message on an Apple TV.

As soon as someone rings the bell, a notification appears on the screen and a live connection is started immediately. This way you can see at a glance who is at the door while binge-watching or playing a game.

HomeKit doorbells

There are various doorbells for HomeKit available, the best known is that of Netatmo, but Robin and Eufy’s bell is now also suitable for the Home app. The video doorbell is linked to your Apple ID and synchronized with all your devices that have a Home application.doorbells for HomeKit

Since tvOS 14 you can receive notifications from HomeKit doorbells on your Apple TV, but you can also request the camera images at any time via the Home shortcut in the control panel.

  • Netatmo smart video doorbell ▸ suggested retail price € 299
  • Eufy video doorbell + hub ▸ suggested retail price € 199

Do you have a Ring video doorbell? Then you can add the Ring video doorbell to the Home app using HomeBridge and a Raspberry Pi.

Enable doorbell notifications in tvOS

  • Open Settings on your Apple TV
  • Navigate to ‘ AirPlay and HomeKit’
  • Select your doorbell at ‘Notifications’
  • Set the option ‘On’ or ‘Off’

Enable doorbell notifications in tvOS

To receive notifications, you must be signed in with the same Apple ID as in the Home app for iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Of course, family members can also view these images and reports. Log in with your Apple ID via Settings (Apple TV) ▸ Users and accounts.

Apple TV notifications from HomeKit doorbells

The operation of the notifications for HomeKit doorbells is very simple. As soon as someone rings the bell and the Apple TV is active, a message will appear on the screen. A live connection is immediately established so that you can see in real-time who is at the door.Apple TV notifications from HomeKit doorbells

By pressing the TV button Pressing the Apple TV remote will open the notification and you can view the images fullscreen. You can also hear what is being said.

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