Quickly take multiple photos with burst mode for iPhone

Taking pictures of moving children, animals or lightning-fast objects is always difficult. Fortunately, you can then use the burst mode for iPhone or iPad . This allows you to quickly take several photos so that you always have a good one.

This function is standard available in the Camera app for iOS and iPadOS and can be accessed in various ways. When you use burst, the camera takes ten photos per second and you can select the best one afterwards. Fortunately, the photos app gives you a hand.


  • Activate burst mode on an iPhone or iPad
  • Take burst photos with a QuickTake iPhone
  • Take burst photos with volume button
  • Choose burst photos

Activate burst mode on an iPhone or iPad

Taking burst photos is very easy, but it does depend on your device. This way you can quickly take several photos by holding down the camera button. Immediately, the camera app will take multiple photos as long as you hold down the shutter button.

That is, if you have an iPad or an iPhone X or older. Do you have an iPhone XS , XR or newer? Then QuickTake will be activated as soon as you hold down the camera button. This is a quick way to make videos.

Take burst photos with a QuickTake iPhone

Fortunately, you can also take burst photos on the newer iPhone models. Press the camera button and then immediately swipe it to the left. Hold to take multiple photos at the same time. It is important that you immediately swipe the button to the left, if you don’t and so press it, the video mode will be activated.

Take burst photos with volume button

What many users do not know is that you can also activate burst mode using the volume buttons that are present on your iPhone. You can activate this from iOS 14 via the steps below:

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to ‘Camera’
  • Enable the option ‘Use’ Volume up ‘for burst’

Now if you press and hold the volume up button, when the Camera app is active, multiple photos will be taken as long as you keep the button pressed. If you press the down button, a QuickTake video will be created.

Choose burst photos

Once you have taken multiple photos, you can select them in the photos app. The software already groups them automatically and searches for the best photo for you. Open the stack and optionally tap Select to choose the best photo.

Select the best photos, then tap Done. Then you will be asked whether you want to keep all photos or only the ones you have selected. These are therefore stored separately and no longer as a stack.

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