LG Rainbow with Snapdragon 888 and Rollable will appear in 2021

LG will bring at least three phones on the market next year. In addition to the first rollable phone, there will also be a traditional flagship and a budget device.

LG Line-up 2021

Last year, LG launched a completely new line-up. it put an end to the old G-series, kicking off its Velvet flagship and the Wing with its two revolving screens. For next year, more information has already become known from the Korean Etnews .

First, there is a successor to the LG velvet, which is currently called the ‘Rainbow’. Unlike the Velvet, LG will use a powerful Snapdragon 888 and the phone will come with an integrated stylus from Wacom for the first time. It seems that the brand wants to compete with Samsung’s Note series. LG also released a budget phone with a stylus this year, the Stylo 6.LG Line-up 2021

LG Rollable

In addition, we know more about the LG Rollable, which is possibly the world’s first rollable phone to be released next year. The smartphone has a 6.8-inch screen as standard, but you can roll it out further to a 7.4-inch panel. That may not seem like a big gain in screen space, but it also keeps the phone thinner and lighter than classic foldable phones. LG also ensures that there is no visible crease where the screen is rolled out.

Finally, there is a budget phone on the way, and it will be called LG Q83. The smartphone also comes with support for 5G. Finally, little is known about prices and availability? The rollable phone and Rainbow will be released in March while the Q83 will be released sometime in the first half of 2021.

A lot has already been leaked about the LG Rollable. These are, for example, renders of the device and recently the phone also appeared in the database of a South Korean provider. Are you looking forward to the rollable phones? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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