Mac vs Windows vs PC (Pros,Cons)

Well in this topic we often face problems or having trouble that what should we choose exactly. And what will actually valuable.

Today I’m gonna help you to choose amoung Mac vs Windows vs Pc.

MacBook Pros

The device which is run on Mac Operating System (macOS), we call it MacBook. Which is a product of Apple brand. We know Mac costs higher than mid budget laptop or pc. If you are a professional video editor, movie maker or something related to that then Mac will be super for you. Mac provides you Final cut pro softwares which will run very smoothly and you can work easily for video editing. Though you will enjoy video editing smoothly on Mac, so the other mid tasks as like speed browsing, programming, coding, rendering features you won’t miss at heavy performance. But in MacBook air, there are no cooling fans. That’s why it may heats up sometimes dangerously at the time of heavy tasks. You just need to place your mac in right place where wind or air conditioner exists.

MacBook Cons

MacOS is really looks awesome. Mac provides some pre-installed softwares as like Final Cut pro, FaceTime or etc. But the fact is Mac’s pre installed softwares run smoothly on it but external installed softwares from other sources may crash sometime or work a bit slow. Like you may enjoy Final Cut Pro in MacBook super fast. But at the time of Adobe Premier pro, it will make slow a bitter or sometime may crash. Other cons is it’s too expensive comparing any windows laptops

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