MacBook Pro will get a new design and mini LED screen in 2021, MacBook Air will follow in 2022

The MacBook Pro will get a new design and a mini LED screen next year. This screen type is incredibly thin and excels at displaying contrasts. The MacBook Air will be next in 2022 and will be cheaper than the current Air.

Rumor: MacBook Pro with mini LED in 2021

That claims the usually reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a note – which has been viewed by 9to5Mac – he writes that the company is switching to mini LED screens faster than expected. This screen type has several advantages over, for example, OLED panels, which are in the iPhone 12 phones.

The analysis indicates that Apple will unveil two MacBook Pros next year. These laptops would get a new design, although Kuo does not indicate exactly what will change. The analyst does say that the powerful laptop appears in two sizes.Big Sur was made for M1

The most important improvement of the new MacBooks, according to Kuo, is the mini LED screen. This screen panel is more expensive to make than current MacBook displays, but despite this, the analyst does not think the laptops will become more expensive.

This is because, on the other hand, Apple would save a lot of money by not having to use Intel processors. Instead, according to Kuo, the new MacBook Pros will have an M1 chip, which is made by Apple itself. In the summer of 2020, Apple indicated that it would switch completely from Intel to its own M1 chips within two years.

The analyst also indicates that a new MacBook Air will be released in the course of 2022. This would even be slightly cheaper than the current version, which starts at 1129 euros. According to Kuo, this is because mini LED screens will be cheaper by then than now. More specifications about the laptop leave the connoisseur in the middle.Apple MacBook Air with M1 review

Why Apple is switching to mini LED

It has been said in the corridors for years that Apple will make the switch to mini-LED. This screening technique is not necessarily better than other panels (such as OLED), but it does have some unique features macbook pro mini led screen rumor.

For example, mini-LED has very high contrast and the screens can be made very thin. The latter is important for Apple because the company has a hand in making devices as thin and light as possible.

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