The Mail app keeps asking for Microsoft password: this is how you (temporarily) solve it

Does the Mail app frequently prompt you to reenter your Microsoft account password? You are not alone. Since the iOS 14 update, several users have been complaining about this recurring notification. We have a number of (temporary) solutions for you.

Mail app in iOS 14 repeatedly asks for Microsoft password

The standard Mail app on the iPhone and iPad allows you to set up accounts from different mail providers. This makes the app especially suitable for connecting your Outlook or Hotmail account. Unfortunately, something has gone wrong for this group of users in recent weeks. The Mail app sometimes asks several times a day to re-enter the Outlook or Hotmail password.

Users have been complaining about the recurring report on Microsoft ‘s forum for a number of weeks since iOS 14 . So you are certainly not the only one who regularly has to re-enter the password of your Outlook or Hotmail account. This thought may ease some suffering. Shared sorrow is half sorrow, isn’t it?

No cause, but three (temporary) solutions

The cause of the error messages is unclear. Since the reentering credential issue is only with Microsoft accounts, it appears that the origin is with that company.

So there is no explanation yet, but fortunately there are some temporary solutions By Techhandset :

Delete mail app and add it again

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tap Mail;
  2. Tap Accounts and then the appropriate Outlook or Hotmail account;
  3. Choose Delete account and confirm your choice;
  4. You will return to the previous screen. Add your account here again;
  5. Choose New account and select Then enter your details again.

Removing and re-adding your mail account will at least temporarily solve your problems.Mail app in iOS 14 repeatedly asks for Microsoft password

Set up your account as Microsoft Exchange

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tap Mail;
  2. Tap on Accounts and choose the option New account;
  3. Now choose Microsoft Exchange;
  4. Enter the email address of your Microsoft account and choose a recognizable name;
  5. Now choose Log in and enter the password of the same Microsoft account;
  6. Your account has now been added.

Finally, you can also use the official Outlook app from Microsoft if the above solutions do not help or only briefly offer a solution.

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