OPPO is working on phones with removable camera modules

OPPO is working on phones with removable camera modules. It is sometimes said that ‘all phones are the same’: more and more manufacturers are trying to protect themselves against such statements by implementing innovative technology. OPPO is committed to launching removable camera modules on phones, according to a patent application.

Removable camera module

Where should the selfie camera be placed: it is a ‘question’ that more and more manufacturers are struggling with. ZTE released the first phone with cameras under the screen in September, with the caveat that it is still clearly visible that the camera is under the screen.

Other manufacturers have not yet switched to this technique and are eager to use the hole-punch notch. Asus takes a different approach, with flip-up cameras, and OPPO foresees a future with removable cameras.OPPO is working Removable camera module

Especially the latter concept is very interesting because the cameras are not always attached to the phone. OPPO has recently filed a patent for this, and with that, there is a chance that this technology will ever end up in an OPPO phone. To take selfies, you can simply remove the removable camera according to this concept from the housing and then operate it as a separate module from the phone via the module’s Bluetooth and WiFi connection.

Built-in lithium battery

The patent for the removable camera module also speaks of a built-in battery to run it outside of the phone. Finally, we see from the patent itself that two camera sensors can take place. However, those are details to look through, especially on patents.OPPO is working on phones with removable camera modules

Only as soon as OPPO finally starts working on the concept, will the amount of space in the module that is available for the camera sensors be examined. Whether OPPO actually plans to implement the concept is not known. The idea does have a foundation in BBK Electronics, which includes OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus: Vivo previously showed a concept phone with a detachable camera sensor.

The fact that OPPO and Vivo are working on a concept does not necessarily mean that it will actually be on the market. Previously, OPPO showed a rollable phone that will also not end up on the market, the company’s CEO said.

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