watchOS 7: Apple Watch optimized charging to extend battery life

Although the Apple Watch has an excellent battery life, it is still advisable to take good care of the smart watch battery. To keep the battery in good condition, Apple has introduced optimized charging since watchOS 7.

In a smart way, watchOS can extend the life of the Apple Watch battery. As a result, the battery retains the maximum capacity many times longer, so that you can enjoy the smart watch for years without having to constantly recharge it.

Apple Watch optimized charging

  1. Open Settings on your Apple Watch
  2. Navigate to ‘Battery’
  3. Tap on ‘Battery Conditions’
  4. Turn on ‘Optimized charging’

Enable Optimized Charging for Apple Watch

It is recommended to enable this option to extend the life of the Watch battery. This option is activated by default and prevents the aging process of the battery.

Operation optimized charging for watchOS

WatchOS analyzes the times when you usually charge your Apple Watch. After some time, watchOS will know when this will happen and a schedule will be compiled based on this information.

Once the battery has reached 80%, watchOS will not immediately switch to the slower charging system of the past, but will postpone it. Because watchOS has calculated how long it takes to fully charge, the Apple Watch knows exactly when it needs to continue charging again to reach 100% when you need the watch.Operation optimized charging for watchOS

An example: You charge the Apple Watch every night and disconnect it around 8 in the morning. When the battery has reached 80% overnight, watchOS will stop charging and wait until about five in the morning to resume charging. When you get up, the battery is fully charged and you can use it again.

What are the pros and cons?

The advantage of this is that the Apple Watch does not keep charging all night long as was the case with the old system. Then it was the case that charging continued to 100% and then stopped, but as soon as the percentage dropped, the Watch charged again. It is unnecessary that this continues all night, by taking a break and charging to 100% just before use, this has a positive effect on the capacity in the longer term.

Optimized charging is only interesting if you almost always charge your Apple Watch at night. If you do this at irregular times, for example, because you sometimes work or travel a lot at night, it is better not to use this function. It may happen that your Apple Watch is not fully charged when you want to use it.

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