Delete and redownload default apps on an Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes standard with a lot of applications, such as apps such as Stopwatch, Breathing, Cycle, etc. You may not use all Apple applications, which is why you can remove some standard apps from your Watch.

Just like the standard application on your iPhone or iPad, the apps are not completely deleted from the smartwatch but hidden. The shortcut and any user data will be deleted. Of course, you can always reinstall the applications afterwards via the Watch App Store.

Remove default apps from Apple Watch

  • Navigate to the app overview
  • Place your finger on an app of your choice (do not press)
  • Wait a few moments for the apps to wobble
  • Tap the cross above the app to remove it
  • Confirm the deletion in the pop-up window
  • The application will be hidden and partially deleted

how to close apps on apple watchUnfortunately, you cannot hide all standard apps, for now, it is only about the apps: Walkie-Talkie, EKG, Cycle, Current, Remote, Sound, Timer, Camera, Alarms, Breathing, Stopwatch and radio.

Apps are not completely deleted

If you want to free up storage space by deleting the default apps, you will be more or less disappointed. Just like in iOS, it is impossible to completely remove the applications from your device. This is because they are part of watchOS. Suppose they were removed completely, then in theory Apple should provide you with a personal update without the deleted apps.

This is not technically feasible because every watchOS update is provided with a secure (digital) signature. For that reason, the components, although hidden, remain present. However, the shortcut will be hidden in the app overview and all your personal data in the app will be deleted.

Apple Watch default apps reinstall

You can reinstall the standard apps afterward via the Watch App Store. Open the Apple Watch App Store app, search for the default app, and download it again. After installation, you can use the app again.Apple Watch default apps reinstall

If that doesn’t work, it’s best to search for ‘Apple’. As a result, open the Apple Store app, scroll down to Developer, and tap Apple. Then all Apple apps will appear and you can download them again.

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