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Permanently remove Memoji stickers from the keyboard for iPhone or iPad

Since iOS 13 and iPadOS you can use Memoji stickers , not only in the Messages application, but also in WhatsApp , Mail, word processors and more. But not everyone is waiting for this addition and would prefer to hide the Memoji stickers in the keyboard.

When you activate the emoji keyboard , you will see the last used stickers under ‘most recent’. You can find these next to your recently used emojis. Because the sticker option takes up almost half of the screen, this can be disturbing. Fortunately, you can permanently disable the Memoji stickers in the keyboard.

Remove memoji stickers from the keyboard

  • Open Settings app
  • Navigate to ‘General’
  • Open ‘Keyboards’
  • Turn off the ‘Memoji stickers’ option

Hide memoji stickers from the keyboard

If you still want to use Memoji stickers, but temporarily hide them when using the emoji keyboard, you can use the trick below.

  • Activate the keyboard in a messaging app
  • Open the emoji keyboard
  • Do you see the stickers? Then tap the clock

Immediately the stickers are hidden and you can view your recently used emojis. You can quickly switch between stickers and recently used emojis via the clock.

Turn off and remove Memoji stickers from Messages

In the Messages application it is also possible to remove the sticker iMessage app. To do this, open a conversation in the Messages application ▸ Swipe left on the iMessage apps below the text field ▸ Tap ‘More’ (three dots).

Select ‘Edit’ and tap the red dot for ‘Memoji stickers’. The item will be moved to the bottom list, then turn off Memoji stickers there.

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