Apple calibrates battery health reporting system in iOS 14.5

Fixes issues with maximum capacity and peak performance. Those who own an iPhone 11 , iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max may have already noticed that the battery status is sometimes not good. When you check the battery via the settings , in some cases you will see that the maximum capacity and peak performance are insufficient.

Apple admits this is a bug in the software and fixes it in iOS 14.5 to address inaccurate battery health estimates for some users. In a small number of cases, the battery was able to deliver reduced peak performance. If the battery problems are not solved by the calibration, the battery will be replaced free of charge.

Battery status reporting system

iOS 14.5, which will be released later this spring, includes an update where the battery status reporting system recalibrates maximum capacity and peak battery performance on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max to prevent inaccurate battery health estimates for some users. remedy.

Symptoms of this error include unexpected battery drain behavior or, in a small number of cases, reduced peak performance. This inaccurate battery health reporting does not reflect an issue with the actual battery health.

iOS 14.5 calibrates battery iPhone 11 (Pro)

If you own an iPhone 11 (Pro), the battery status reporting system will be recalibrated from iOS 14.5. During this calibration you can request the status via Settings ▸ Battery ▸ Battery status.

Recalibration of maximum capacity and peak performance is done during regular charge cycles and this process may take several weeks. The displayed percentage of the maximum capacity does not change during calibration. Peak performance may be updated, but most users probably won’t notice this.

When calibration is complete, the percentage of maximum capacity and peak performance are updated. Then the message about the calibration will disappear, indicating that the process is complete.

If the calibration of the battery status report indicates that your battery has deteriorated significantly, this battery service message will disappear.

Possible battery replacement

In a small number of cases, a few weeks after installing iOS 14.5, recalibration may not be successful and a new battery service message will appear. If so, an Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery at no charge to restore full performance and capacity. This does not indicate a safety issue and you can still use the battery. For more information, please contact Apple Support .

More information about calibrating the battery status reporting system can be found here .

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