Add ring video doorbell to Homekit via Homebridge

View images in the Home app and receive HomeKit notifications. The Ring video doorbell is becoming increasingly popular and you regularly see the characteristic blue circle appearing next to the front door in homes. The reliability, security and ease of use of the Ring doorbell have improved greatly in recent years.

A Ring video doorbell supports many functions such as live images, night vision and motion detection. However, support for Apple’s Homekit is still lacking, whether it will be added in the future is not (yet) certain. With the help of a Raspberry Pi and Homebridge, you can now add your Ring video doorbell to Homekit and therefore also to the Home app.

Ring in the Home app

After adding a Ring video doorbell to the Home app, you can view the live camera images from the smart doorbell and receive a notification when the doorbell rings. If you also have an Apple TV, you can also see who is at the door. In addition, you can use the motion detection sensor to switch on lighting when a movement is detected.ring video image home kit

Unfortunately, the plugin does not (yet) support the new Homekit Secure Video for the safe storage of video images in your iCloud account. So you can only watch live images and not replay recordings.

What do you need?

To be able to add your Ring video doorbell to Homekit, you obviously need a working Ring doorbell. In addition, a Homebridge is required, if you own this you can immediately start and install the Ring plugin for Homebridge.

If you don’t have a Homebridge installation yet, you can easily install it on a Raspberry Pi via an article that we previously published:

Install Homebridge Ring plugin

To add the Ring to Homebridge you need to install the special Ring plugin for Homebridge. You can do this directly from Homebridge.

  1. Open Homebridge in your web browser (http: //homebridge.local)
  2. Click on plugin in the menu bar
  3. Search in the search field for ‘Homebridge Ring’, it may be that multiple results are shown, install the ‘Verified’ version via the ‘Install’ button. The plugin and all associated tools such as FFmpeg will now be installed.

Install Homebridge Ring pluginAfter the plugin has been installed, the configuration screen will appear. The first step is to log in with your Ring account (username and password).homebridge ring account

After this, the two-step verification will take place, enter the received code and click on ‘Verify code’.

homebridge-ring-two-stepAfter all the above steps have been completed you will need to restart Homebridge. You do this by clicking on the on / off symbol in the menu bar (second from the right). After Homebridge has restarted, your Ring Video Doorbell will automatically be visible in the Home App.ring homekit

Additional settings

In addition to the camera, extra sensors will also be added to Homekit and the Home app. You can use this to, for example, switch on lighting when the bell is pressed or if the movement is detected.

If you don’t want to use this, you can disable these switches and sensors via the Ring plugin configuration in Homebridge. To do this, go to Plugins and click on ‘Settings’ at the Homebridge Ring plugin. Via ‘Optional Configuration’ you have access to the extensive settings.homebridge ring settings

Camera Motion Sensors: Deactivate the motion sensor in the Homekit / Home app.

Doorbell Programmable Switch: Disables the ability to activate automation when the bell is pressed.

In-Home Doorbell Switch: Deactivates the switch with which you can switch the bell/chime on and off.

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