Official Galaxy S21 Ultra cases include storage space for S Pen

The end of the Samsung Galaxy Note series seems, with the arrival of support for the S Pen to the Galaxy S series, near. There seems to be one more problem – the S Pen has no built-in storage on a Galaxy S device. With official covers, Samsung would like to solve this on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

It was previously announced that Samsung would like to discontinue its Galaxy Note series, although a Note would be planned for the coming year. However, users do not have to go through life without the S Pen: Samsung wants to introduce the S Pen on its Galaxy S and its Galaxy Z Fold devices.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note phones, both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Fold devices do not have storage space for the S Pen in the device. For the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the first Galaxy S device with S Pen support, Samsung solves that with covers.

Similar to Samsung’s approach to its Tab S series of tablets, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will launch a line of cases with built-in space to hold the S Pen, according to the generally reliable WinFuture reports. It would specifically concern two variants of Samsung’s Cover series: the Clear View Cover and the Silicone Cover. It is unknown how Samsung made way in the cases to store the S Pen. Users who don’t purchase the S Pen could also purchase the cases without the S Pen recess.

Storage variants Galaxy S21

In addition to the information about the official covers of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, WinFuture was able to retrieve information for the specification lists of devices in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. According to the sources of the rumor, all devices in the Galaxy S21 series will again come with at least 128 GB of storage memory. The Galaxy S21, S21 + and the Galaxy S21 Ultra can be upgraded to 256 GB. Only the Galaxy S21 Ultra gets a variant with 512 GB storage memory.

Samsung Galaxy S21 128 GB / 256 GB: white, pink and purple
Samsung Galaxy S21 + 128 GB / 256 GB: white, pink and purple
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB: silver and black

As can be seen in the table above, different colors will be available. It is unknown whether the colors will also come to the Netherlands and Belgium. It remains to be seen which colors are combined with which storage variants.

At what prices Samsung will offer the Galaxy S21 series is still unknown. What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the article.

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