Friday , April 16 2021

Apple’s Find My app opened up to third-party accessories

Apple has officially opened the Find My app and its network to third-party accessories. This makes it possible to search for devices such as headphones from another brand via the Find My app.

From now on you can consult the objects tab in the Find my application. This option makes it possible to link third-party accessories to the app and to find them via the Apple network.

Find My Network opened up

With the help of the Find My application it is possible to find your Apple products, even when they are offline . That’s possible because Apple’s Find My Network is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that communicate anonymously and securely with each other.

The updated Find My app can now also add third-party products and can also use the personal and secure search capabilities of Apple’s Find My network.

The Find My Network Accessory Program opens the extensive and global Find My Network to third-party device manufacturers to create products that use the service, so customers can use the Find My application to find and track the important items. The operation is the same as that of, for example, an iPhone , AirPods or Apple Watch

Find my products

Starting next week, the first products suitable for the Find My network will be available. These are the Dutch VanMoof S3 and X3 e-bike , the Belkin SOUNDFORM ™ Freedom wireless earphones and the Chipolo ONE Spot tracker.

With these products, users can see where their bike has been left, where their earplugs are at the gym, their backpack is and much more. Other third-party device manufacturers will soon offer products and accessories with Find My functionality, as well as expanding access and use of access to the U1 Ultra Wideband chip.

Interested developers and accessory manufacturers can visit to learn more about the MFi program and download the latest Find My network accessory specification.

Objects tab in Find My app

From now on you can consult the objects tab in the Find my app . At the moment you can still do very little with it because there are no accessories that you can connect. For the time being, it will therefore remain an empty tab with the option to link new objects.

Future for AirTag

Now the question is: Will Apple soon also launch its own Find My accessory? For months you have been reading rumors about a wireless tracker from Apple called AirTag. It would fit perfectly in the list of accessories that use the Find My network. Whether Apple will come with a wireless tracker and when is currently unknown. According to current rumors, it would appear this spring. Wait.

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