Adjust location, size, and name of screenshots on a Mac

If you frequently take a screenshot of your Mac, it is useful to know that you can change certain things such as the location of storage.

It is also possible to adjust the file format of the image and the name. A screenshot can be taken with the key combination Cmd⌘ + shift⇧ + 3 (or 4). In addition, you can also use the screenshot app. You can easily adjust the default settings using a few Terminal commands.

Resize screenshots for Mac

By default, a screenshot is saved in the. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format, if you want to use another format such as TIFF, PDF, or the popular. JPG you can adjust this with the command below. After executing the command you need to restart your Mac.

Replace FORMAT in the command below with the desired structure; jpg, png, pdf or tiff. Then open Terminal (Finder ▸ Applications ▸ Utilities), copy the command, paste it into an empty Terminal window and hit enter to run it. First replace [format] with the desired format such as jpg, png, tiff.

  • Open Terminal from Apps ▸ Utilities
  • Copy the command below ( command⌘ + C )
  • Paste the command in an empty window ( command⌘ + V )
  • Replace FORMAT the desired structure; jpg, png, pdf or tiff
  • Press enter to run the command

defaults write type FORMAAT; killall SystemUIServer

Resize screenshots for MacHaving trouble editing the command in Terminal? Then paste it into a word processor or note-taking app, edit the command and paste it into Terminal.

Customize the default name of screenshots

Each screenshot starts with the file name “Screenshot” followed by a sequential number or date. You can change the default name using the Terminal command below, but replace NAME with the file name you want to use, for example: screenshot. Copy the command, paste it into an empty Terminal window and hit enter to run it.

defaults write name NAAM; killall SystemUIServer

Change location screenshots on a Mac

A screenshot is saved by default on the desktop of macOS, if you want to change this location to, for example, a folder called ‘screenshots’, this is possible with the command below. Copy the command, paste it into an empty Terminal window, and hit enter to run it. In the command below, replace LOCATION with the desired folder on your hard disk, for example, / Users / wess / Desktop/screenshots.

defaults write location LOCATIE; killall SystemUIServer

Adjust location via screenshot app

  • Open Screenshot from Apps ▸ Utilities
  • Click on ‘Options’ in the toolbar
  • Select ‘Other location’

Adjust location via screenshot appThen you can choose the desired location in Finder on your Mac and link it to the application. From now on, all screenshots will be placed in this folder.

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