Automatically connect WiFi devices to your network via iPhone, iPad or Mac

More and more devices in the home are becoming smart and connected to the internet. The setting of these devices depends on the options offered by the manufacturer, but they are often activated via their own WiFi connection. You then connect the device to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and then link it to your own home network.

How to establish the WiFi connection depends on the manufacturer, but this usually takes place in the application of the smart accessory or device. However, you can also have it controlled by your iPhone or iPad itself thanks to a smart link in the settings app.

Link WiFi devices via Settings

If you want to connect a printer, HomeKit accessory, or other network devices to your WiFi network, you can do this directly from the Settings application. The condition is that the device broadcasts its own WiFi connection in order to be connected to your own home network. In our example, we link a Koogeek lamp to the WiFi network in this way.

  • Turn on the accessory
  • Open the Settings application
  • Navigate to ‘Wifi’
  • Scroll down to ‘Configure new device’
  • Tap the device or accessory from the list

Automatically link WiFi devices to your networkThen your iPhone or iPad connects to the Wi-Fi network that the device broadcasts. After this, a list opens with available Wi-Fi networks that are known. Choose your home network to link it to the device. Then your iPhone or iPad will get to work to complete the setup. Eventually, the device will be connected to your network and you can then operate it.

In some cases, you have to perform additional steps in the app that is linked to the device. In the case of Koogeek, you can link it to HomeKit after configuration.

Also suitable for Mac

The above procedure is not only available on an iPhone or iPad, but also for Mac. This is especially useful if you want to connect a printer to your network. Turn on the device and click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar of your Mac. You will then find the device under ‘Devices’ and you can start the connection to your home network.

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