Withings ScanWatch: Stylish health watch with ECG and saturation

In the past year it became more than clear how important your health is. Nowadays you can check your health quite easily with the help of smart watches, of course the Apple Watch is one of them, but don’t forget the Withings ScanWatch .

In recent weeks we have tested the smart watch from the French company and you can read our findings in the review below. In a nutshell, the Withings ScanWatch is a ‘normal’ stylish watch with smart health functions without further ado.


  • Stylish watch with smart functions
  • Health is central
  • Heart rate monitor and ECG
  • Saturation sensor to measure oxygen in the blood
  • Sleep analysis with Smart Wake-up
  • Receive notifications on the ScanWatch
  • Battery life of 30 days
  • Health Mate app
  • Withings ScanWatch compared to the Apple Watch
  • Conclusion: Withings ScanWatch
  • Buy Withings ScanWatch

Stylish watch with smart functions

Would you like a smart watch, but no screen on your wrist? Then the Withings ScanWatch is for you. The design of the ScanWatch is stylish and resembles a normal watch instead of a mini smartphone on the wrist. This can be a reason to purchase the watch.

The Withings timepiece is made of high-quality materials including shiny stainless steel and sapphire glass. The watch includes analog hands, an activity tracker and a clear screen at the top that can display data. With the help of the digital crown you can operate the watch and consult all smart health functions.

The ScanWatch is water resistant up to 50m deep and can be personalized with different straps. Finally, the ScanWatch is available in a 38mm and 42mm version. The larger model has an extra circle with the numbers.

Health is central

In addition to a stylish product, the Withings ScanWatch is a slime watch with numerous options for checking your health. For example, the ScanWatch measures your heart rate, oxygen in the blood, sleep and it is even possible to make an ECG (electrocardiogram / heart film) with the watch.

The ScanWatch is also able to track your activity. For example, the watch registers your steps, distance and calories burned. At the bottom of the watch is an activity tracker that shows how well you have moved throughout the day. The counter advances by moving enough and taking steps.

You can also use the ScanWatch during different workouts to measure all kinds of data including your heart rate, distance, calories, etc. Moreover, the Withings watch has automatic workout detection so that no workout is missed. Unfortunately, the ScanWatch does not have a built-in GPS system, but the location data from your iPhone or Android smartphone is used.

In addition to the calories burned by exercise, the ScanWatch also shows the calories of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is an estimate of the number of calories needed at rest for the body to function. This is why the watch shows calories before training or starting the day.

Heart rate monitor and ECG

The ScanWatch can analyze your heart 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, the watch automatically checks your heart rate during the day and warns if your heart rate is too low, high or irregular for inexplicable reasons. A good way to pick up early signs of possible heart defects. You can of course measure your heart rate manually at any time.

In addition to measuring your heart rate, you can also use the ECG function. The Withings ScanWatch can easily make an electrocardiogram (heart film). All you have to do is wear the watch, start the ECG function and put your other hand on the watch. This creates a closed circuit and the electrical impulses that your heart produce can be registered.

A lot of information can be obtained from an ECG about the functioning of the heart muscle, in particular the heart rate (number of beats per minute) and the regularity of the rhythm. In addition, doctors can analyze the results and detect certain abnormalities such as structural changes, myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias or a lack of oxygen in the heart. You can read more information about electrocardiogram here .

Saturation sensor to measure oxygen in the blood

New in the landscape of smart watches is a saturation sensor to measure the oxygen content in the blood. The Withings ScanWatch also has such a copy and can manually measure the oxygen values ​​in your blood.

Your blood carries oxygen to the cells in your tissues and organs. The saturation value is the percentage of hemoglobin in your red blood cells that carry the oxygen from your lungs to the rest of the body. You can gain a better understanding of your overall health if you know how well oxygenated your blood is.

Most people have a saturation value between 95% and 100%, but if you score lower you don’t have to panic right away. Some people lead a normal life with a saturation value of less than 95%. The Withings ScanWatch is a good tool to keep a close eye on this.

Unfortunately, you have to measure the oxygen values ​​manually via the SPO2 function, these measurements are not performed automatically during the day. When you use the ScanWatch at night, the watch regularly performs an automatic measurement to combine the data with your sleep results.

Sleep analysis with Smart Wake-up

As mentioned earlier, you can also wear the Withings ScanWatch at night to analyze your sleep. The watch keeps track of your sleep cycles (light and deep), sleep duration, time to sleep, wake up and interruptions to your sleep. Eventually, Withings will give you a sleep score and you can use the app to view trends and suggestions for improving your sleep.

Because the ScanWatch knows if you are in a light or deep stage of your sleep, it can choose the best time to wake you up according to your schedule. You simply set a wake-up time and the watch wakes you up with a slight vibration. Handy, because then your partner will not wake up from an alarm clock.

The sleep function works fine and gives a good indication of your sleep, but it is limited. For example, your REM sleep cannot be monitored and sleep apnea cannot be detected. Those who would like to monitor this can use the Withings Sleep Analyzer , a smart sleep sensor for under your mattress.

Receive notifications on the ScanWatch

You can connect the Withings smart watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth, this can be an iPhone with iOS 12 or newer or a phone with Android 8 or newer. You can find an overview of all supported devices here .

Because the watch is linked to a smartphone, it can also forward your notifications to the ScanWatch. Almost all apps can forward their notification and the content is displayed as a scrolling banner. Handy to quickly read a message or to see who is calling you. The Watch can only show the notification, you cannot respond to it.

Battery life of 30 days

The ScanWatch has an unbeatable battery life of 30 days with normal use, according to Withings. This does depend on a number of factors. We ourselves have been able to use the watch for more than 18 days, without having to charge it in the meantime. We regularly tested all functions, sometimes also wore them at night and did frequent workouts.

Health Mate app

Just like all other Withings products, you need the Health Mate application to be able to connect the device to your smartphone at all. Via the app you can adjust the settings of the watch and all measurements are saved so that you can consult or share everything with your doctor afterwards.

You can check the ECG and saturation values ​​in detail, consult the sleep analysis and more. The Health Mate app can be linked to the Apple Health app so that you can also view the results in this application.

The Health Mate app is completely in Dutch and the settings for the ScanWatch can also be accessed in this language. Unfortunately, the watch itself is not available in Dutch. This (for now) only offers support for a limited number of languages, including English and French. Still, you can use the ScanWatch perfectly because it mainly uses universal symbols.

Withings ScanWatch compared to the Apple Watch

Many Apple users will wonder whether the Withings ScanWatch is an alternative to the Apple Watch. Obviously, the Withings smart watch is an alternative to Apple’s solution, but there is one big difference. The Apple Watch is a mini smartphone, the ScanWatch is a smart watch.

The ScanWatch is especially interesting if you don’t like the design of the Apple Watch and you want to hang an affordable health device on your wrist. The Withings timepiece is stylish and looks more like a watch and is anything but a screen with watch straps.

In terms of health, the Apple Watch and ScanWatch are almost the same, both can measure things such as your activity, heart rate, sleep, etc. They also both have an ECG and saturation sensor. The ScanWatch mainly analyzes your health, the Apple Watch also does this but stimulates you more. The Watch also has numerous apps and this is limited with the ScanWatch.

Withings ScanWatch

The Withings ScanWatch is a beautiful and stylish smart watch with an eye for your health. You can easily analyze your activity, record workouts, check your heart rate and you will be warned when your heart rate is too high, low or irregular.

In addition, with the ScanWatch you can measure the oxygen in your blood, perform an ECG (heart film) and relax with a breathing function. When you wear the smart watch at night, your sleep is also analyzed and you are woken up at the right time.

The Withings ScanWatch is the perfect product if you want to monitor your health, but don’t want to hang an ‘ugly’ screen on your wrist. Because you can personalize the watch with different straps, you can wear it on any occasion.

  • Stylish design made from high quality materials
  • Many health functions including ECG and saturation sensor
  • Excellent wearing comfort and ease of use
  • Long battery life
  • Clear Health Mate app to view the results
  • No built-in GPS
  • Health Mate app is completely Dutch, watch unfortunately not
  • Oxygen levels in the blood can only be measured manually

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